Absolut kattklubb med abessinier och somali i fokus

About us

AbSolut Kattklubb was founded in 2000, on the initiative of Kristin Stenmark and
Katarina Wollfram.


The club belongs to SVERAK (i.e. the Swedish branch of FIFe), and currently numbers
approximately 70 members.


Even if AbSolut Kattklubb formally resides in UMEÅ, our members are not located in
any particular geographical region, like most Swedish clubs; instead our members
are distributed throughout Sweden.


We are defined by our focus on the two "sister" breeds Abyssinian and Somali.
But of course all cat fanciers - irrespective of which breeds they prefer - are equally
welcome as members.


The best way to contact us is by sending an e-mail to sekr@absolutkattklubb.se.

Adress: AbSolut Kattklubb c/o Anna Börje, Tostaredsvägen 11, 519 96 FOTSKÄL E-post: sekr@absolutkattklubb.se
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